Ready to get your tickets for Clusterfest? There’s no need to get all worked up about it!

Whichever ticket you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the full Clusterfest experience - dozens of amazing comedians, musicians, and podcasts with experiences inspired by your favorite comedies. That said, only our Platinum ticket holders get access to perks like bottomless french fries...

Is there a dang payment plan?

There sure is! For purchases before April 1, you can pay for orders over $200 in three easy installments. Just select the Layaway Plan option during the checkout process and plan for the following payments:

Purchase Date: 33% + Fees
April 8: 33%
May 7: 34%

What the heck does a VIP ticket get me?

Please, watch the language. VIP tickets come with all kinds of neat perks, like special viewing areas, an express entry lane, priority entrance to limited capacity shows and a commemorative Clusterfest merch item. You’ll also get access to a hospitality lounge, happy hour food specials, charging stations and luxurious upgraded restrooms for your very important business.

What’s all this hubbub about Platinum tickets? Where are my fries?

Whoa, easy there… Platinum tickets are new this year and include even more perks - like a **VVIP ticket**, if you will. (And we think you should.) In addition to all those awesome VIP benefits, you get a commemorative merch bundle, access to a private festival entrance, certifiably Bad Ass seats, priority access to **COMEDYVILLE** experiences, invitations to exclusive after-parties, talent meet-and-greets…

Oh, and unlimited french fries. (That’s right - all of the glorious golden potato slivers you can eat.)

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