It is 2019 and everyone is legally obligated to have a podcast. Your friends have one, your dentist has one, and you’ve probably got one, too. But what we’ve done at Clusterfest is hired a team of scientists to go through every single podcast in existence and hand select the best of them. It took many years of listening but it was worth it because the live podcast lineup is insanely great this year. It’s the best of the best.

My Favorite Murder, Pen Pals with Daniel & Rory, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Small Doses are just a few of the podcasts on the line up this year. If you go to all (or most) of these shows you’re guaranteed to leave a political expert certified to solve murders and an incredibly well rounded human being with a sense of comedic zen.

You might be wondering, “Why not just listen at home in the comfort of my own earphones? ”Well, first of all, the live shows often incorporate unique elements not on a regular episode and you get incredible bragging rights to other fans for having been a part of that indescribable and non-recreatable atmosphere. But more important than that is the fact that every host on this year’s lineup is mind-blowingly hot. Like, they are all 10’s. Podcasters are notoriously attractive already but this lineup is not only guaranteed to make you laugh but also make you very very horny. That is the Clusterfest 2019 promise!