Biblically, Sunday is a day of rest but comedically, it was the final day of Clusterfest which meant there were a bajillion more shows to attend and laugh your pants off. Like all good Sundays, it started off with brunch and boozy cocktails hosted by drag queens Heklina, D’Arcy Drollinger, Holotta Tymes & Matthew Martin paying homage to The Golden Girls.

More drag queens graced our stages at the live reading of Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion along with Nicole Byer, Catherine Cohen, Rosebud Baker, and Matteo Lane. Let’s just say, it was so good they re-invented Post-It notes.

Outdoors on the Colossal stage, fans were treated to dreamy indie pop by band Japanese Breakfast. Front-woman Michelle Zauner’s intergalactic gown looked like something fit for Space Prince Julio Torres. Only at Clusterfest would these two celestial worlds collide.

As the day went on, things got a little dicey on the Bill Graham stage and by that I mean the Mitchell Brothers murder was investigated by the My Favorite Murder hosts. Their special guest was Patton Oswalt, whose late wife Michelle McNamara was one of the greatest crime writers of the last decade and whose work helped find the Golden State Killer. Basically a show with those three folks in San Francisco couldn’t have been more perfect?

SNL’s Leslie Jones united the crowd by detailing her passionate, yet sometimes misguided, texting habits. Who amongst us hasn’t fired off a text before doing some mindful meditation? Who!?

Oswalt then closed out the night with openers Fortune Feimster and Matteo Lane. Feimster begged the audience to turn her life into a Lifetime Original movie and Oswalt begged for adult cereal to provide more interesting literature on the backs of their boxes.

Perhaps next year we will see if either of those things came to fruition. Until then, we’ll sit back, rich with hilarious memories and satiated by incredible jokes. Thanks for being part of Clusterfest year 3. Thanks for laughing with us.