Flipping A Ticket

How to Flip a Ticket
Download the FlipTix app, provide a couple details including your ticket number, name, and email. FlipTix will do the rest. No more sketchy Craigslist meetups or weird Reddit deals. We know it, we’ve all been there.

If I register to Flip, do I have to actually Flip?
We know that life is flexible and that plans change. You have NO OBLIGATION to Flip your ticket even if you register it. Until you come to our booth and drop off your ticket, your ticket is yours!

Can I Flip directly to a specific person?
No, FlipTix does not currently support the ability to Flip your ticket to a specific individual. Once you register and post your Flip, all interested fans are notified that a Flip is available, and everyone has an equal shot at getting your Flip.

Is this Legit?
We are the ONLY company in the world that helps attendees LEGALLY get value from their used tickets. We never accept cash and our tickets are guaranteed to work. We destroy your ticket to protect your personal data.

How do I find the status of my Flip?
Check the FlipTix App under Flip and find your tickets under “Flipping” Be sure to check your email for updates on your Flip Status.

How long does it take for a ticket to get Flipped once I put it up to Flip? This depends on the demand at an actual event, and how much time is left. High Demand events have seen Flips move in 10 seconds or less. Flips at lower demand events or with only a little time left may not get Flipped at all.

How much will I get?
Payout amounts depend on 3 key factors: 1. Ticket Type; 2. Time left after you leave; 3. Demand. In any event, you will get a portion of the proceeds, with the remainder being shared with the event ecosystem, that may include the promoter, the artists and FlipTix.

I never received a Flip that I paid for
Please send an email to help@FlipTix.com and we will address your question as fast as possible.

Why can’t I Flip at all events FlipTix may not be a partner with the event promoter and/or the venue YET. Please send us a note at help@FlipTix.com to tell us where you would like us to be.

Who is/What is FlipTix?
We are an event ticketing platform that’s been around a little more than a year. We believe in making events available to everyone that wants to go. We have created and innovated the idea of creating consumer value where there was none before. Before FlipTix, if you left an event early, you received nothing at all. With FlipTix you could get some money back. How sick is that?

Are you buying my ticket?
FlipTix does not buy tickets. You get paid if we are able to Flip your ticket. FlipTix has created a marketplace to match up attendees that leave early with waiting fans. We help you transfer (Flip) the remaining time on your ticket to another guest. In return for this, you will receive a portion of the proceeds once the Flip is purchased. We DO NOT transfer your actual ticket - that gets destroyed to protect you!

Payment Questions

The FlipTix App won’t accept my Credit Card Please ensure you are inputting all of the requested credit card information (account number, CVV, and expiration date)

If you are using a debit card, please ensure you have enough money to cover the entire amount of the Flip purchase

I purchased more Flips than I really wanted
Slow down that finger!!! You have to be careful. Per FlipTix Terms of Service that you agreed to at the time of purchase, all sales are final and no returns or cancellations will be allowed. This is because once you purchase a Flip, we issue a reward to the original Flip holder.

Can I change my payment method?
There are 2 ways to change your payment method.

When you checkout, input the required information of your preferred payment method

Click on ‘Account’ on the bottom navigation on the app; Select “Payment Method”; and input the required information of your preferred payment method

How do I receive my Flip?
If you purchased a Flip for a ticketed event, you will find your Ticket in the FlipTix app. Click on ‘My Tickets’ in the bottom navigation and you will find the Flip that you have purchased. Please show this to gain entry to the venue.