The test results are in and Day 2 of Clusterfest has been found guilty of being criminally funny. We know we’ve mixed our metaphors but it’s been a long day of laughing plus it’s summer, school’s out and no one cares.

Speaking of receiving an education, our crowds got curious right off the bat this morning with Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness. His guests included Jaboukie Young White, Catherine Cohen, Julio Torres and Ayo Edebiri. There was much discussion about airports, cleanliness, and Indianapolis. “Washing your hands” got an applause break, which in the moment, totally made sense.

Mid-day there was a reunion for The Office. Unlike actual reunions which are stressful and you pull your neck trying to read peoples’ name tags, this reunion was hilarious because Oscar Nuñez, David Koechner, Tim Meadows, Creed Bratton, and Ego Nwodim did a full long form improv set. Then later Koechner and Bratton triumphantly led a fettucini alfredo fueled fun-run around the grounds. No word on if it cured rabies or not.

At the Los Espooky’s live show, Fred Armisen soothed the crowd by showcasing his ability to do every single American accent. It was like traveling across this great nation in the comfort of your seat at Polk Comedy Club.

Chelsea Peretti electric-slided her way onto the Bill Graham stage and suggested we refer to nose jobs as NJ’s. No objection here. She also read a poem about Mitch McConnell and how his kids hate him. Move over Shakespeare.

Before Girl Talk closed out the evening, John Mulaney did double duty with two incredible shows. In them he confessed to his love –no, obsession– with shit talking. Who amongst us can blame him? Is there a single thing more satisfying than a solid shady shit talking session? Well, perhaps our third day of Clusterfest, which we’ll get to tune into tomorrow.