Now’s your chance to heed the opening theme’s advice and head on down to South Park, where all of the show’s most iconic scenes and characters are waiting for you from occasional drop-ins to regulars, Randy to everyone’s favorite fat-ass, Cartman. Finally, you can experience the charms of Colorado’s quietest little mountain town firsthand, including:

  • Shareable Moments from South Park’s history built in the show’s signature style and ready to be explored
  • A Memberberry Ball Pit excited to reminisce with you about all the cultural touchstones you cherish
  • A small-town food court featuring Tweek Bros Coffee, Casa Bonita, Les Bos, Raisins and Whistlin’ Willy’s Pizza Gulch
  • A ManBearPig Roast that, don’t worry, is just a pig
  • A Chili Con Carnival featuring culinary delights from around the Bay Area -- all of which will be Tenorman-free, promise
South Park Woodland Critters